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2011.05.20 (22:41:34)
Dear Agape church~

I am so Sorry for a late report, 
Since it is already May, I will give you the first quarter and second quarter report.

In the first quarter, we didn't stop praying in the morning.
We had around 5people everyday, but in the second quarter when we had papers and exams, less people came regularly, but we continued to pray until now.
The prayer meeting is such a huge blessing for us when it comes to our relationship with God.

Also, in the first quarter, 
I led the Sunday worship services twice in my church, Stadium Dr. Baptist church,
but in the second quarter, I didn't have any chance.
Since my church consists of old folks, I had to sing in the traditional way, but also tried to combine the contemporary and traditional worship style. It was a great experience.

For the Korean student fellowship,
I led the Campus worship every month throughout this semester.
We had around 40 people present, and we all enjoyed worshipping God in Korean and having a fellowship with Koreans. 
I think from next semester,
God will lead me to different ministry opportunities. 
I hope that I will be more involved into evangelism ministry. 

Thank you so much for your love and prayer for me.
I never forget praying for Agape church and my brothers and sisters.
God bless you all, I love you.

In Christ

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